L’Open de Guadeloupe – a great tennis event

The Open de Guadeloupe is one of the Caribbean’s premier annual tennis events, and this year was no exception. Held at Les Abymes, the tournament saw some of the best players in the region come together to compete in a week-long series of matches.

The event featured both singles and doubles matches, with both men’s and women’s competitions. Participants came from all around the world, including France, the US, Spain, and various Caribbean countries. These talented players provided; an exceptional spectacle for all the spectators on site. The quality of the matches was outstanding and the level of sportsmanship seen between rivals a great joy to witness.

British player Jo Carlton emerged as winner in this year’s Open de Guadeloupe, beating off a strong Spanish challenger Juan Carlos Dolores. He remarked after his win that he felt extra inspired playing such an iconic tournament with so much tradition, vowing to come back every year to defend his title.

Aside from offering excellent sporting entertainment, Les Abymes also offer a wonderful destination to explore with its vibrant culture, music and stunning beaches. It’s no wonder that each year more and more participants flock to beautiful Guadeloupe in search of success in the Open de Guadeloupe; a feat which enthralls many holdovers from previous tournaments who come back to revel in competitive spirit on display at every match.

Whether you are an avid sports enthusiast or merely looking for something entertaining to do on your next holiday trip; The Open de Guadeloupe is surely an event well worth checking out.

The L’Open de Guadeloupe is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the Caribbean. It is an international event and attracts some of the best players in the world. This year’s tournament brings together some of the top names in the sport.

The event is taking place between April 20th-25th and consists of five rounds. Players will battle it out to become champion in singles, doubles and U21 tournaments. During each round, they will face off on grand court surface with a best out of three sets format.

The venue for the event is the picturesque Grand-Terre Golf Course on a beachfront of finest white sand and crystal clear warm turquoise ocean. The venue offers amenities at its best, with multiple practice courts, a great food court, a spa and entertaining area for families to take part in activities. It is no surprise that this tournament has become increasingly popular every year.

For those looking for excellent tennis as well as an enjoyable tropical holiday, L’Open de Guadeloupe is an ideal destination to visit. As well as being able to enjoy watching world class tennis players in action, fans can partake in all the activities offered at this beautiful resort location. In addition, this tournament presents the perfect opportunity to get closer to tennis stars such as Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic who have been confirmed players at this years event.

For tennis lovers, it’s an event not to be missed! Tickets are already selling fast so make sure you get yours now if you plan on attending L’Open de Guadeloupe this year!

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