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Steve Johnson won Sunday night the 4th Open Guadeloupe . The American beat Kenny De Schepper in the final 6-1 6-7 (5) 7-6 (2) after an epic match on hot center court !

Bordeaux had hardly started the game. Losing 6-1 dryly. Carried by the public Guadeloupe, seeded No. 1 in the tournament took three match points to Johnson in the second round he won in a tie break sumptuous .

None of the two men managed to swing the game. Fine points chaining is again the decisive game played all but the advantage of the U.S. this time. After 2 h 14 games, Johnson won the fourth Open Guadeloupe before a match won by the high caliber served by both public players .

Shorter but no less intense, the doubles final was won in Bednarek / pair Tomasz Adil Shamasdin face Gero Kretschmer / Michael Venus. At one set all, the finalists were the decisive game to decide .

Ravi , Christian Forbin, tournament director, concluded the awards ceremony by thanking all the organizing team, officials, ball boys, partners, media, for their support on this 4th edition and gave appointments to the public on 5th in 2015 !

Find below the full results .

RDV in the "photos" area to find the albums of this Open Guadeloupe 2014.

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Open Guadeloupe finals program

Kenny De Schepper and Steve Johnson will meet in the final of the Open de Guadeloupe Sunday at 17 pm. The first serious opposition today found Michael Russell. The U.S. never overflowed, won the first round in the decisive game before accumulating errors in the second. More powerful and with an audience to his cause, De Schepper is then applied in the third set he won 6-4.

The following match opposed to Steve Johnson Thomas Fabbiano. Combative, Italian narrowly failed in the first inning to désicif game won 7-6 (5) Johnson. Eventually yield late in the game and 6-4.
The public, under the spell of these two semi-finals hotly contested, should address this for the last games. Ahead of the final, the final double oppose 15 h, the pair Gero Kretschemer / Michael Venus Tomasz Bednarek and Adil Shamasdin.

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Saturday 5rd 2014 program

Please find below the program of the semifinal simple. The final two, double and single, will be held Sunday.

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Results shifts singles final and semi-finals twice

Kenny De Schepper, Michael Russel, Steve Johnson and Thomas Fabbiano are qualified for the semifinals of the Open 4th Guadeloupe. If Steve Johnson and Kenny De Schepper went without a hitch on, Michael Russell has found him a very big opposition with the frenchman Fabrice Martin.

"The chouchou" of Guadeloupean, Olivier Rochus fell face Thomas Fabbiano, up to a third set and gasping for spectacular public. The Italian will face seeded No. 3 Steve Johnson half.

In doubles, the pair Kretschmer/Venus disposed of French Eysseric and Martin to reach the finals. They will find Tomasz Bednarek and Adil Shamasdin Sunday.

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Kid's day today on the Open

Wednesday is Children's Day ! "Kid's Day" today on the Open Guadeloupe. A total of fifty young graduates of LTG could make a friendly tournament and hit some balls with Steve Johnson. Under the sun and gosérien before attending matches, some even tried to take if the American player, with more or less success !

The images are to be seen in our media library by clicking here.

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Today it's kid's day !

This is the "Kid's Day" today on the Open Guadeloupe.
RDV 2pm to 3pm for U12 youth tournament in the middle of league Bas du Fort.

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Highlights of the weekend qualifications

Qualifications are completed, the 4th Open Guadeloupe is launched . Martinez and Grassi won their ticket to the first round. But Saturday night eyes were on Gianni Mina that the draw was not favorable.

The young Guadeloupean will face the No. 1 seeded Kenny De Shepper Tuesday in a game that looks difficult and busy, but tomorrow the day looks hot on center court. As of 13 pm with the doubles match between Argentina Renzo Olivo pair / Millot Vincent and Horacio Zebalos / Olivier Rochus will present its first caliber tournament.

From 16 h , another interesting match will be held in singles on court No. 6 with Argentine Mateo Nicolas Martinez, author of two good matches in qualifying and Hidalgo Ruben Martinez, World 162nd .

To finish the weekend of qualifications, Guadeloupe public could attend a beautiful "set exhibition " between Gianni Mina and Olivier Rochus. The latter, in search of pace of competition, has been busy the powerful service of Guadeloupe. Mina has finally prevailed 6-3 in a friendly but studious atmosphere !

Gianni MIna will play Kenny De Shepper, 1st play list.

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Results / Order of play

RESULTS - MARCH 30, 2014

Qualifying Singles - Second Round
Qualifying - C Grassi (ITA) d [WC] J Euphrasie (FRA) 62 60
Qualifying - M Martinez (ARG) d [WC] M Stancati (ITA) 62 76(4)

COURT CENTRAL start 13:00
M Trungelliti (ARG) vs H Cunha (BRA)
R Olivo (ARG) / H Zeballos (ARG) vs V Millot (FRA) / O Rochus (BEL)

Not Before 16:30
[WC] C Lestienne (FRA) vs [Q] E Rousset (FRA)

Not Before 18:00
A Arnaboldi (ITA) vs [7] R Bemelmans (BEL)

COURT 6 start 14:30
J Eysseric (FRA) / F Martin (FRA) vs B Becker (GER) / R Maytin (VEN)

Not Before 16:00
[LL] T Bednarek (POL) vs D Munoz-De La Nava (ESP)
[Q] M Martinez (ARG) vs [8] R Ramirez Hidalgo (ESP)

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Tonight : Gianni Mina vs Olivier Rochus ce soir

Tonight, exceptional set exhibition between Guadeloupe Gianni Mina and Olivier Rochus, who won the Open in 2011 !

Meet at 18 h 15 in the center of League Bas du Fort, Gosier.

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Training atmosphere

Training atmosphere this morning in Gosier. Olivier Rochus with young champions Guadeloupe, sun and winds, it is in our photo library: here

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Draw and sunday

The draw took place tonight on the sidelines of the first qualifying matches. An early highlight of the tournament will take place on Monday. The Guadeloupe Gianni Mina face Kenny De Schepper, World 66th.

Tomorrow the second day of qualifying will see Claudio Grassi face Jeremiah Euphrasia 13 h and Mateo Nicolas Martinez will face Marco Stancati.

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"I am a product of tennis 100 % Guadeloupe "

Arrived in the week to take part in Open 4th Guadeloupe , Gianni Mina gave Friday a press conference at the Marina Tennis Club, close to the League Centre. The opportunity for Guadeloupe to recall his ambitions and do not forget the trainers.

"I am very fit I return well . " The color Pointois announced Friday on its intentions for the week. I must say that the young tennis player ( 22 years old) spent a very difficult 2013 . Injured his wrist , he was forced to stop for nearly seven months. " I never stopped working . Earlier this year I won a tournament in the United States when I was not 200% of my ability. That is why I am very motivated for this Open."

Enter the top 200

With the support of his audience, from Guadeloupe to heart will shine on the courts of Central League . If he made the choice to export to the United States, it nevertheless not forget his first balls on the tennis Guadeloupe . "I am a product of tennis 100 % Guadeloupe . This career choice has its advantages and disadvantages but it is a must. I hope to become an image of tennis Guadeloupe and help develop my sport on the island. My goal at the end of the year : enter the world top 200 , " he insisted, supported by the President of the LTG Christian Forbin confirming LTG strategies for the development of tennis Guadeloupe.

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Open Guadeloupe 2014 : qualifications

Jeremie Euphrasia and Janick Moinet on center court, Elie Rousset and Tomasz Bednarek on court No. 6, will open tomorrow at 16 h 30 4th Open to Gosier Guadeloupe.

Qualifications therefore begin in late afternoon while the central follow the game between Tristan Meraut and Michael Venus. Nicolas Ancedy Marco Stancati face him on court 6.

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This is not Miami...

No you're not in Miami, but in Gosier ! The handsome village of Open Guadeloupe is in place, technicians and officials are busy, it lacks players.

Be cool, 4th Open Guadeloupe is tomorrow !

Click here to go to the photo library.

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The SEMSAMAR at work for LTG

Since a month, it's the effervescence at the Tennis Guadeloupean Ligue ! Technicians working hard in one goal: to upgrade the Center League at Bas du Fort requirements set by the ATP for the 4th Open Guadeloupe .

League hosts 29 March to 6 April, his fourth ATP Challenger tournament. A major challenge identified each year by the team of President Christian Forbin .

For budgetary reasons, not everything can be done in the same year, but great strides have been made for the 2014 edition including the expansion of the Central Court works, new construction, upgrading, or paint .

Enough to meet the most pressing demands of ATP in order to converse this tournament, the only "Challenger" in the Caribbean .

President Forbin like to thank warmly the SEMSAMAR and its President, Marie-Paule Romana-Belenus , which has contributed financially to the realization of these projects.

SEMSAMAR is for the Caribbean, a tool for the development of the local economy, governed by five commitments :

- Ensure a future in construction
- Ensure service to local communities
- Provide answers to economic development
- Providing quality social housing
- Provide benefits

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"The Open Guadeloupe is a reference in the tennis calendar »

Gosier this morning , Christian Forbin presented the pre- list players from the Open Guadeloupe 2014. The opportunity for the President of the League Tennis news to announce and affirm the position of the tennis tournament on the chessboard.

"We have a lot of support from the FFT and its representatives , the Open de Guadeloupe is indeed part of the tennis calendar and French international" hammered this morning Christian Forbin . A two-week tournament Guadeloupe , the organizing team can be satisfied with a balanced budget , taking into account technical investments by LTG for the renovation of the center league and its short and very beautiful plateau.

Four players in the top 100 and 44 in the top 200 . Michael Llodra , a member of the team of France in the Davis Cup in particular will be one of the headliners with Horacio Zeballos who defeated Nadal in 2013 in Chile, Kenny Shepper or Teymuraz Gabashvilli (60th ATP ) . Two wild cards were distributed to Olivier Rochus , who won in 2011 and Gianni Mina Guadeloupe .

Matches start at 13 am

The side of the program , and Erik Christian Forbin Lequime , general manager, confirmed the matches held from 13 am instead of 15 . As well as increased media coverage . From the semi-final matches will be broadcast live Canal Evènement and a 52' magazine will be broadcast on Sport + after the tournament.

" The stands are filling quickly , evidence that the Open is a popular tournament " has afffirmé Erik Lequime . The boost given to licensees, who pay half price, and the announced presence of nearly 400 schools will asure a good coming all the week.
Two weeks before the event, the LTG sees a sunny spot that the Open as the fourth Tournament Challenger of France and one of the most important competitions in the Caribbean future.

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Pre-list of players

Pre-list of players Guadeloupe Open 2014 is online in the "players"

Click here to access it.

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« The appointment of the great family of tennis »

Christian Forbin, Président de la LTG et Erik Lequime régisseur général, ont présenté hier l'Open Guadeloupe 2014

The President of the League Tennis Guadeloupe Christian Forbin and Erik Lequime , general manager, presented yesterday 4th Open Guadeloupe at a press conference at the headquarters of the league.

" We definitely wanted to announce before the end of the competition would have in 2014 ," explained Christian Forbin and Erik Lequime to journalists and partners. With an ultimate goal of balancing the budget , the task was not easy and the decision to maintain the competition was taken earlier this week . "We need to organize , to maintain the confidence of ATP and family Guadeloupe tennis ," said the President of the LTG . "We are very close to equilibrium at around 30 000 euros " supported Erik Lequime.

Because of municipal elections, the tournament had to be postponed a week. So from March 30 to April 6, players will compete on the tennis Bas du Fort, just after the tournament in Miami.

Keeping the tournament, the organizers have also made the choice of keeping the international tennis scene. Keep ATP label, offering a " prize money " identical $ 100 000 and the access to players ranked 50th place in the ATP rankings .

"A little Roland Garros"

If the heart of the event remains the competition will focus on the popular character of the event with the aim of reuniting the family tennis Guadeloupe around high level games. Until the final round included entries will be free, and then dismissed from the League of benefit rates. Catering , entertainment, competitions for youth, fifty tents will be placed on the website of Bas du Fort with the wish to strengthen the character "village" of the tournament, a "small Roland Garros " in fact !

The season begins in early January in Australia , the list of invited players is not yet known but the French Tennis Federation assured that it will send some of the best French players. In late January, the main headliners should be announced in a new stronger conférence.

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